Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Fatty Nano" (iPod Nano 3rd Gen)- review

After a while of not blogging, I'm back with a new soulmate !....

The fatty Nano !! The new Nano gained some weight and most of all, it plays video at a pretty high resolution. However, many would not bare to watch a complete movie on the Nano because of its 2 inch screen. The iPod is packaged in its normal "clear", cute plastic box- the packaging is that good till its almost seamless...this is how the box looks like
Impressive isnt it...but nothing beats testing it in your hands. Its so so wrong to call it the "fatty Nano" because its also exquisitely slim....heres the proof A picture says a thousand words ....However again, interface wise, its perfect ! now with the integrated "cover flow" feature, adapted from the now scrolls through your albums seamlessly. In terms of sound quality, the Nano portrays a fantastic range of audio...and with its auto equalizer, the sound shivers no more...Then again, the mirrored-back of the iPod is very very prone to scratches and fingerprints. Although its looks good, but its bound to get most of your fingerprints on it....because its soo small that you can't hold it in any other way. Another bad point is that the sync-port the earphones socket and the hold switch are so close together, you can hardly pull it out when both the sync-wire and the earphones are attached. In my opinion, the "hold" switch should be a button or a combination of keys instead of a sliding toggle switch for easy access. Heres another comparison of size with a 50 cent coin. All in all, lets summarize the pros and cons.

- Impressive design and OS interface

- Good audio and video quality

- Sleek, small but yet wide.....??

- High resolution screen ( liquid crystal screen )

- Mirrored-back very prone to fingerprints and scratches

- Not recommended watching long videos on the small screen (although its fantastically clear)

- A little error with the 1st batch ( sometimes the iPod hangs or restarts by itself) but that can be overcomed with the software update from iTunes.

Performance and audio rating :

take note: that is not 5 outta 5, its 4.75 outta 5.....

And the design and interface rating:

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Anonymous said...

NICE review ! i hope to get one soon

Anonymous said...

NICE review ! i hope to get one soon